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End of Year Greeting

Greetings all!

2022 is almost at a close and I wanted to take the opportunity to send my warmest and best wishes to you all as we approach 2023!

2022 brought enormous changes for me personally and professionally.  Most significantly in my professional life it marked the close of what has been a joyful and remarkable career in massage therapy. As I was making preparations for this announcement, I realized that I have been a part of the massage therapy profession as we know it in Ontario when it became part of the Regulated Health Profession Act in 1991. 

Just a short time later I was issued my license and have seen, experienced and been a part of the profession’s growth and change up to now. It has come a long way in its recognition as an integral part of Ontarian’s health care choices. For that…I’m immensely proud!

In 25 years, I have learned much and grown as a regulated healthcare professional. To that, I owe to all of you…my greatest teachers. You have given me the honour and privilege of being a part of your healthcare journey, shared your stories, ups and downs, joys and sorrows. Many of you have been with me the length of my career…for this gift I can’t thank you enough. 

I feel blessed that I can continue to offer an incredible health and wellness choice as I move forward with my Reflexology practice. I hope to see many of you as I embark on this exciting stage of my working life. 

As well, my deepest gratitude is extended to all of you for your support and kind words as I cared for my father over the summer months which took me away from my practice.  Your understanding was appreciated by myself and all my family here and in Newfoundland. 

I encourage all of you to continue with massage therapy as part of your self-care strategies and wellness goals. I will be happy to refer you or if you find someone close to home/work please connect. 

I hope that the coming year will bring you and your loved ones much joy, good health and happiness…and maybe new adventures as the world begins to awaken again from the heavy times of Covid. From my family to all of you… a blessed upcoming holiday season in whichever way you celebrate. 

Remember…stay healthy, stay cozy, laugh, love, and just BREATHE…

Hope to see you for some relaxing reflexology in 2023!


Karyn D Rowe, BA, RCRT