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ABOUT KARYN ROWE   (she|her)

Karyn is a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist and Registered Massage Therapist basing her private practice out of the Centre for Social Innovation (Annex Location) at Bloor and Bathurst, Toronto. With a focus on current therapies, continuous learning and professionalism, Karyn brings over two decades of expertise and care to her practice and to her clients. A dedicated life long learner, Karyn has built a solid foundation in her post graduate studies with a practice focus in Reflexology, combining this with the latest biotechnologies to balance and restore the nervous system. Her goal (also her passion!) is to provide her clients with the most effective, safe and evidence based treatment protocols to help them achieve their healthiest and most optimal life. .

The imagery throughout Karyn’s website is one of nature. When not helping others, Karyn strives to live her most optimal life by connecting and spending time in nature, learning environmental stewardship and conservation.

Karyn recognizes that true success begins the second you start giving back. Giving back to the community is at the core of Karyn's values and she is proud to be involved with many local organizations that lift up and support people in need.


Use this page as a starting point in your journey to optimal health. Breath is life and our foundation...I'm a true believer in the power of of our own breath. There are many different methods, but here is one way that is easy for most everyone to access anytime, anywhere to CALM your nervous system and bring focus.


Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit or lie down. Take some normal breaths to begin and close your eyes.


Take a slow, deep breath through the nose, filling your belly like a balloon for a count of 4.


Now breathe out through your mouth (or nose) slowly for a count of 6. You can place your hand on your belly as a cue to breathe to this area throughout this exercise.

Infinite possibilities
Miracle breath
One common source;
Being focused
And present
And receiving breath
That comes on its own.

Ilse Middendorf's "The Experience of Breath in its Substance"


November 1, 2020


As we approach the month of remembrance, November is a particularly meaningful month for me as it marks not only the remembrance of all the women […]
September 3, 2020
New beginnings Blog Post

New Beginnings!

It’s been a journey this past 6 months…one not to be forgotten! This pandemic has taken me by the hand and has led me down various paths; paths that have been difficult, stressful, painful and emotional. It has, however, also given me wonderful opportunities to re-examine and understand myself and the world around me a little more clearly. It has taught me patience, humility, the importance of slowing down, doing things that make you happy and when an opportunity arises… well, take a deep breath and take it!!
June 19, 2020

Massage Therapy and COVID-19 What you need to know.

Massage Therapy and COVID-19 What you need to know.

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