Massage Therapy and COVID-19 What you need to know.

It’s been a journey this past 6 months…one not to be forgotten!  This pandemic has taken me by the hand and has led me down various paths; paths that have been difficult, stressful, painful and emotional.  It has, however, also given me wonderful opportunities to re-examine and understand myself and the world around me a little more clearly.  It has taught me patience, humility, the importance of slowing down, doing things that make you happy and when an opportunity arises… well, take a deep breath and take it!!

My nearly 20 years at Pure Health were an incredible opportunity to work happily, collaboratively and proudly with a group of professional women therapists who are, and will continue to be, leaders in their respective fields.  My professional journey has led me now to a new and exciting chapter where I will continue in that same spirit, to be a leader in my field, to challenge and dedicate myself to new learning opportunities and in turn pass that knowledge and care on to YOU, my valued clients! 

I look forward to serving you in my fresh, new private practice operating from the Centre for Social Innovation in the Annex area of Bloor and Bathurst, Toronto.  Mindful that we are still in pandemic times, I will continue to make your safety while you are with me my absolute top priority.  I will ask you in return to do the same…if you are feeling unwell to PLEASE stay at home.  As a community, we have been doing a great job with keeping the numbers low and managing the virus… but our efforts are far from over!  Continue to maintain physical distancing, mask wearing and hand washing! 

I invite you to please have a look at my website where you will find information about my new practice location, contact information and ONLINE BOOKING for your convenience.  If you have any questions for me, please call at 647-520-1969.

I will leave you with…

There’s a lesson in everything, and always an opportunity to reflect, grow, understand and ACHIEVE!!!  Come by my office and let’s achieve a new beginning for you!