Lodge Summer Solstice | Special Edition 10oz Soy Candle

Lodge Summer Solstice | Special Edition 10oz Soy Candle


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Angela DeMontigny is excited to announce another beautiful, spirit-led, collaboration with 2 Indigenous sisters: Healer, Asha Frost and Graphic Designer, Janelle Desosiers from Bloom & Brilliance in time for the Summer Solstice, June 21st!

Not only is this a powerful and important day from a celestial/spiritual point of view, it is also National Indigenous People’s Day… a day where we recognize, uplift and celebrate our Indigenous nations, history and culture across Canada.

Angela has created this beautiful, new scent along with these powerful Indigenous women in the spirit of sisterhood, collaboration, uplifting and supporting each other. All three have come together to offer ceremony, healing and light to the world at at a time when we have access to the greatest amount of light in the year.

Summer is a magical season of fragrant blossoms, medicines, warmth and light. This sensual scent was created using oils from the sacred flowers Rose, Geranium and our medicine plant Sage – used for millennia for their abilities to expand our consciousness, wisdom, and intuition while re-awakening our feelings of self-love, tranquility and bliss.

Undyed, 100% natural soybean wax made with DeMontigny’s unique and original blends of essential oils and essences, is poured into 10oz limited edition frosted glass containers. Soybean wax is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, also burns cleaner and longer than other types of wax candles.

Additional details:
  • Quantity: 10oz
  • Wick + packaging: Double cotton wicks, in reusable white glass container
  • Burn time: 60+ hours

Ingredients:  Soy wax, Sage, Rose, and Geranium essential oils

Natural. Holistic.
Indigenous designed – Made in Canada