Lodge | Ceremony – Holistic Wellness Mist 2oz

Lodge | Ceremony – Holistic Wellness Mist 2oz


Designer, Angela DeMontigny set out to create a scent that reminded her of being in ceremony at her traditional Lodge, sitting in prayer beside a sacred fire. Ceremony embodies that experience and transports you to a sacred place while practicing your own daily rituals or meditation practice. Featuring essential oils from our four most important, Indigenous medicinal plants: Cedar, Sage, Sweetgrass and Tobacco, this scent is truly holistic and provides benefits for your mind, body and spirit.

This specially created Holistic Wellness Mist, adds the essential oil blend to distilled water that’s been infused with Moonlight from the October Hunter ᐅᒫᒌᐤ omâcîw Full Moon and witch hazel. This powerful mist can be used to uplift your mood, and freshen up a room or even your car. It is compact enough to travel with and is perfect to infuse positive energy and protection anywhere you go.

Additional details:

  • Quantity: 2oz
  • Packaging: Amber glass spray bottle
    Ingredients: Distilled water, witch hazel, cedar, sage, sweetgrass, tobacco essential oils

Eco-friendly. Sustainable. Natural. Holistic.
Indigenous designed – Made in Canada