Lodge Ceremony | Special Edition 10oz Soy Candle

Lodge Ceremony | Special Edition 10oz Soy Candle


Designer, Angela DeMontigny set out to create a scent that reminded her of being in ceremony at her traditional Lodge, sitting in prayer beside a sacred fire. This very special and unique, natural soy candle, embodies that experience and transports you to a sacred place while practicing your own daily rituals or meditation practice. Featuring essential oils from our four most important, Indigenous medicinal plants: Cedar, Sage, Sweetgrass and Tobacco, this scent is truly wholistic and provides benefits for your mind, body and spirit. Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, Anti-fungal, soothing and protective.

Chi miigwetch for embracing the spirit and intention behind this candle and making it our best seller by far. Angela hopes it brings you peace, calm, clarity, cleansing, positive energy and healing during these uncertain times.

Undyed, 100% natural soybean wax made with DeMontigny’s unique and original blends of essential oils and essences, is poured into 10oz limited edition white glass containers. Soybean wax is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, also burns cleaner and longer than other types of wax candles.

Additional details:
  • Quantity: 10oz
  • Wick + packaging: Single cotton wick, in reusable white glass container
  • Burn time: 60+ hours

Ingredients: Soy wax, cedar, sage, sweetgrass and tobacco essential oils